RPA training – development of employees’ digital skills in the organization

RPA has become an essential part of the digital transformation in numerous organizations. Training in this respect allows companies to gain knowledge and acquire skills required for implementation and maintenance of robots. Such a training for the company’s employees helps them develop their skills and serves as an opportunity to raise the business value, which eventually gives a competitive advantage.

XELTO DIGITAL deals with conducting RPA training sessions. Workshops are intended for employees and business users who are willing to develop their skills in this field. Our offer is dedicated to those who wish to learn RPA basics and to automation system users. Training sessions are prepared in a way that makes everyone suitable, regardless of their education and experience. We want participants to learn as much about business process automation as possible.

No matter if robotic process automation training is more of a talk or practice, it is important to know possibilities provided to enterprises.

First of all – raising competence in RPA and process automation. Workshops can have a positive influence on employees’ commitment. They give them an opportunity to develop their skills in the field of modern technologies. Employees can feel more motivated and engaged. Working with advanced automation tools lets workers develop new skills and face more challenging tasks. This is turn may contribute to improved organizational order.

Secondly – learning how to use RPA to improve work efficiency. Automation of routine tasks with the use of RPA allows employees to concentrate on tasks that assure more added value. By entrusting robots with repeatable tasks, employees can spend more time on data analysis, problem solution, development of innovative ideas and teamwork.

Training can also emphasize that robots serve as assistants rather than hazard to employees. Additionally they are digital helpers that you can program and implement on your own after the training. With such an independence, employees can easier control process automation in the field of responsibility. Not only does it develop their technical skills, but it also encourages them to be creative and look for novel solutions.

Thanks to participation in RPA training, organizations can remain competitive on the market, adapting to variable trends and customers’ requirements. RPA training can help employees better understand business processes that may be automated. In effect their understanding of how the organization works broadens and they can identify fields in which automation brings the best benefits. Employees can become more aware of automation possibilities and actively engage in process improvement.

XELTO DIGITAL offers comprehensive RPA training to let participants acquire skills allowing them to be successful in this field. Training is designed to be practical and applicable. Duration of the course is adapted on a case-by-case basis. Training is open to people from all lines of business, and does not require any RPA-related or programming-related experience.

RPA training provided by our company covers a wide range of subjects, including process automation, workflow designing and data verification. In the training, we use UiPath tools and software that are widely used in the industry. Participants can learn how to use these instruments under task automation, process analysis as well as management and supervision of the robot’s work. The main pillar of the training is practical knowledge relying on real examples of application and RPA actions.

Participants meet experienced professionals during the course and receive feedback on their performance. Such a customized approach guarantees that participants can receive support they need to become successful in RPA.

Author: Joanna Sioła – Customer Experience Specialist