Processing of daily reports has never been easier

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In Gorenje, every morning it is necessary to create reports that consider the daily sales and the state of the warehouse.

What was the original process like?

  • Every morning, one of the colleagues from the controlling department logged on to the remote desktop, where launched the ERP system and two pre-prepared Excel
    reports, which have the task of updating sales and warehouse data
  • Several parameters had to be checked before the data could be updated in each excel
  • After starting the updates, it was necessary to carry out another check whether the data for the previous day had been uploaded to the ERP system and thus actually
    updated in the given Excel
  • If everything was fine, user took a few screenshots, inserted them in an email, and sent them along with the reports to the manager
  • This work took around 20 minutes every day.


Thanks to the automation of the process, manual work has been minimized and users do not have to worry about forgetting to send both reports every morning:

What is the process now?

  • The robot runs every day at 6 am.
  • On the remote desktop, the robot logs into the ERP system, opens both Excel reports, checks the period and several other parameters, when everything is in order, it starts the update.
  • When everything is finished, it checks the results with those from the previous day to see if the data has been updated.
  • If he discovers that some parameter does not fit or something was not processed correctly, he immediately contacts the control user by email about what happened.
  • On the contrary, if everything went without a problem, he takes screenshots, opens Outlook, creates an email, adds screenshots and both excels to the attachments and sends it to the given manager.

How can RPA help your organisation?