JD Edwards Contractor Data Management Process


Due to the dynamic development in 2020, IMI Hydronic Engineering decided to implement a virtual employee. The business faced a large number of enquiries from around the World and needed to handle them swiftly.

It received about 420 applications for manual processing each month; the person performing this task spent 15 minutes on each application on average.


  • Automation consists of setting up/modifying/deactivating/reactivating contractor data in the JD Edwards system. Required information is generated in an Excel Request Form on the ServiceNow portal.
  • The Robot validates the current version number, correctness and completeness of the XLSM file and uses SQL queries in the JD Edwards database.
  • Then it runs contractor’s data against all relevant business enquiries, fills data in all required fields, amends them and files them in preferred order.
  • Finally, the Robot updates the status of the request in ServiceNow and sends the customer a summary report containing a unique contractor number from the Address Book application.
  • In the event of error at any stage of the process, the Robot communicates the incident to the operator after three unsuccessful attempts to execute the task.

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