How RPA improves Payroll in Pytloun Hotels

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Payroll at Pytloun Hotels was a lengthy, tedious process with a high level of possible errors due to multiple variances.

What did payroll involve?

  • Each hotel manager had to fill in numbers of worked hours and holidays taken for each employee in an attendance sheet including split shifts, which are calculated differently.
  • The HR department had to manually check and insert all data into two predefined general Excel sheets to be able to process salaries, bonuses and holidays.
  • This job took 2-3 days.
  • Finally, when salaries were calculated, the data had to be transferred to the ERP payroll system POHODA.


Manual work was minimised, errors reduced and 2-3 days of work saved by the following process automation:

  • The Robot runs once a month during the night and checks all general sheets for each employee in every hotel.
  • According to a name, the Robot finds the correct attendance sheet, checks number of worked hours, shift and holidays taken and sorts them into correct columns in both general sheets.
  • If an employee’s shift changed, this variation is noted and hours calculated accordingly.
  • When the Robot processes data of all employees, it opens ERP system POHODA and inserts salary calculations.
  • When the HR team arrives in the morning, they just double-check if the reports were processed correctly and carry out a manual check in ERP system POHODA and start with the payroll process.

How can RPA help your organisation?