Automation of invoice processing – RPA and OCR

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Automate invoice processing with XELTO DIGITAL robots 🤖📑.

“Every Monday morning I am greeted by a huge pile of invoices to manually enter. It’s a frustrating, monotonous and time-consuming task that takes me all week.” 😩💼

Lost invoices, missing payments and endless emails to fix a simple mistake. Manual processes are fraught with problems. ⏳🔍

We live in a data-driven digital world. Don’t get left behind. 💻📊

Document processing automation is not the future, but the current era of digitization that is happening before our eyes. An era where invoice process automation eliminates manual data entry and human error, reduces invoice processing time and unlocks communication bottlenecks. ⚙️🚀

XELTO DIGITAL in partnership with Rossum offers automation of manual tasks with invoice processing software based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. 🤝 🧠

An example of successful implementations is the automation of the AP process. Automated invoice processing software will streamline the entire process from invoice to payment. Instead of spending hours extracting data and formatting invoices, artificial intelligence-based software will do it for you. 📝🕒

AI OCR software – optical character recognition – is a technology that will automatically extract data from an invoice. It saves time and costs for companies, while ensuring accuracy and efficiency. ⏱️💰

XELTO DIGITAL bots will streamline the process of sending data to the system, entering it and approving it according to the rules. 🤖✅

With us, instead of a pile of documents on your desk every morning, you can receive a report of processed documents to your email. 📥📊

Discover more and contact us to explore the possibilities of automation for your business. 📞🤖

Author: Monika Marczyk, Project Manager