The impact of Artificial Intelligence on business: trends and insights

All eyes on AI – the surge of interest in artificial intelligence, and the scope of its utilization 🤯

The latest survey reveals that organizations are steadily adopting artificial intelligence tools, despite their rapid proliferation.

We have some interesting findings here! 📈

55% of respondents report that their organizations have embraced artificial intelligence, but only less than one-third of them have implemented AI in at least two business areas, suggesting that the scope of utilization still remains limited. This percentage has largely remained unchanged since 2021. 🏢

Organizations primarily use artificial intelligence in product development and service operations. These are consistently important areas for AI. 📲🏭

However, only 23% of respondents claim that at least 5% of their organization’s profits from the past year can be attributed to artificial intelligence. This means that there is still plenty of room to harness the potential value of AI. 💰💡

Good news: organizations that use AI continue to see growth in the areas where they employ it and plan to increase their investments in the coming years! 💼 📊

We emphasize the significance of generative artificial intelligence due to its revolutionary potential. However, we also remind that AI holds immense value in non-generative applications. Optimization, forecasting, recommendations – these are areas where AI can truly shine! 💡🌟

In summary, although the overall adoption of AI remains stable, over two-thirds of companies plan to increase their investments in artificial intelligence. 🚀

We eagerly await to see if the growing interest in AI will open doors to broader general utilization in the future! 🌐

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Author: Joanna Sioła, Customer Experience Specialist