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Are you interested in finding out how RPA can ease off your business processes, save valuable time and gather important data?

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Process Analysis

What happens next?

You will familiarise us with the selected process in need of automation. All steps, including possible variables and exceptions, will be captured. The next day you will receive an offer with a detailed guide of the process execution, project plan and budget estimation.


Development starts as soon as the offer is accepted.

Depending on the size of the project, the creation process will take 1-2 weeks. When competed, we will perform unit tests together. After successful testing, you will be trained to operate the system and simultaneously the development process is moved to the production stage.

Activation & Maintenance

We are here to support a smooth transition.

When the Robot starts work, we go into hypercare mode, providing vital end user help & guidance. This period takes 30 days, and the Robot’s performance is observed in detail. Prior to the end of the activation period, a continuous level of support will be agreed and set according to the customer’s requirements.

How can RPA help your organisation?