Transforming the Business World: AI tools combined with robotization

Transforming the Business World: AI tools combined with robotization 🤖. Many companies continue to look for solutions to stay competitive with leaner teams. Unfortunately, this often means that employees are forced to do more work with less support, resulting in widespread burnout felt across industries and positions. 🧑‍💼 To combat the feeling of burnout, we are seeing increased interest among employees in new technologies that allow them to do their jobs faster and better. One example is OpenAI’s GPT Chat, which surpassed 100 million users just two months after launch. AI tools enable people to find information faster. Artificial intelligence-based business automation technology helps contractors reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks! When asked what aspects of their work would change with AI-based automation tools, employees said they would like: More flexibility when it comes to their work environment 📈 More time to learn new skills 📚 More time during the workday to focus on critical tasks ⌚ Providing employees with opportunities to develop their skills, show their value to the organization and focus on work they are passionate about – is critical. Companies have a tremendous opportunity to provide their employees with technology that can increase job satisfaction, boost productivity and lead to new breakthroughs in business innovation 🕴️ 🙌. The introduction of RPA automation coupled with advanced artificial intelligence is a promising step toward combating job burnout. With this dynamic duo of technologies, employees gain greater flexibility with more time to develop new skills and focus on important tasks. These innovative tools not only improve work efficiency, but also contribute to creating more sustainable and satisfying work environments. 🤖 Contact us to learn how AI combined with RPA can help your employees! Author: Monika Serafin, Service Delivery Manager

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