About Xelto Digital

We have been automating business processes across various industries since 2019. Our mission is to be a partner to our customers, make their life easier, save resources and efficiently thrive for longterm sustainability. We are a multinational company from Europe, working with businesses worldwide.

Implemented processes


in the first 3 years of our existence

Customer satisfaction


on average rating by 40 customers

Time saved for our customers

768 h

per week

We take the biggest pride in our team

Sales Representatives

Monika Serafin

Polish, English

Monika Serafin

Consistent, avant-garde and stubborn creator of extraordinary ideas.
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Jiri Bendik

Czech, English

Jiri Bendik

Focused on finding an effective solution, motivated with a passion for innovative technologies.
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Business Analysts

Monika Stawicka

Business Analyst


Committed, diligent, fond of her work. A volcano of energy.

Michael Treml

Business Analyst


Polite and ambitious, passionate about new technologies.

The best RPA developers

Przemysław Wal

RPA Developer


An RPA enthusiast, open-minded and fast problem solving oriented.

Mikołaj Wyskiej

Junior RPA Developer

Mikołaj Wyskiel

Always ready for seeking new solutions. To learn them and implement them.

Rafał Korporowicz

Senior RPA Developer


Determined searcher for the best solutions.

Kamil Ga؜wl؜ista

RPA Developer


Supporter of technical progress, strongly goal oriented.

Maksymilan Sobol

RPA Developer

Maksymilan Sobol

Hugely ambitious and effective. The impossible does not exist.

The software robot works for you

Ed Robotovsky

Automation Specialist

Ed Robotovsky

Does not make mistakes, works 24/7,

Do you have feedback? Talk to our Director

Andrzej Morawski

Managing Director

Andrzej Morawski

A forward-looking professional for whom business is an Art.

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