Our services

• Business process analysis
• Robot development 
• RPA consulting and training
• Robots service, customization and update


Process automation in the area of Accounts Payable, from the moment of receipt of the invoice, through verification, substantive acceptance, to data upload into ERP system.

Our proprietary ideas are also used by accounting offices, where the automation of invoice handling processes is extended to such stages as generating payroll, accounting statements or downloading documents from the PUE ZUS portal.

Thanks to the innovative solutions offered by XELTO DIGITAL, all tasks are performed or coordinated by robots.


Necessity of cumbersome downloading and processing of information both from external portals and internal sources. Your company needs to monitor and archive information such as energy and gas prices or exchange
rates on daily basis, thus struggling to download cumbersome information both from external and
internal sources.

We offer our clients a wide range of possibilities regarding both substantive automation solutions as well as the model of cooperation with XELTO DIGITAL.

We are a partner thanks to whom you will break all barriers limiting you in making the decision to start the adventure with automation immediately!


In your daily routine, you struggle with handling dozens of attachments with PDF files that need to be received, processed, saved, stamped and printed.

Our offer also includes ready-made products.

Thanks to some of them, such as an e-mail register or a virtual stamp, you can entrust the management of an e-mail box or keeping an interactive archive of documents to our Edward, and use the saved time for more ambitious tasks. 

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