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JD Edwards Contractor Data Management Process

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Due to the dynamic development of the company, in 2020 IMI Hydronic Engineering decided to implement a virtual employee. The business need concerned a large number of notifications from around the world and the need to handle them quickly. Per month (for the implemented process) it is about 420 applications for manual processing. To enter one report into the system, the person performing this task spent an average of 15 minutes on it.


Automation consists of setting up / modifying / deactivating / reactivating a contractor data in the JD Edwards system based on a request in the ServiceNow portal containing a dedicated request form in an Excel file. The robot validates the current version number, correctness, and completeness of the XLSM file and uses SQL queries in the JD Edwards database. Then it starts processing the contractor’s data in the JDE system in all applications required by the given scenario. He completes the data in individual fields of the system, changes them, or updates them by order. Finally, the Robot updates the status of the request in ServiceNow and sends a summary report containing the unique numbers of the contractor’s address downloaded from the Address Book application. In the event of an error at any stage of the process, the Robot communicates the incident to the operator after three unsuccessful attempts to execute the task.


  • Strict control of the completeness and correctness of the reported data,
  • 24/7 application processing,
  • Quick response to reports from countries from other time zones (Australia, US, Singapore).


The strategy of our department (responsible for master data management in the ERP system) is focused on automating processes by transferring repetitive tasks to the Robot, so that team members can focus on tasks related to controlling and supervising data integrity.

As part of the test of the solution offered by the XELTO DIGITAL team, we chose one of our processes – the customer data management process in the JD Edwards system. The implementation was carried out as planned, and its effect is best illustrated by the fact that so far 4 more processes have been automated and further implementations are planned.

The benefits are visible from the first day after commissioning, in addition to saving time, we have also gained the quality of processed applications and the ability to immediately respond to reports from countries in other time zones.

The cooperation with the XELTO DIGITAL team was exemplary, and the flexible approach and extensive experience of experts who are determined to obtain the best result by optimizing the implemented solutions deserve a distinction.

Piotr Woszczek – ERP Functional Lead for Data Management

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